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Setting up your ssh client

Configuring the ssh client on your system

On your laptop do these steps.

To provide the appropriate parameters for the connection, create a file at ~/.ssh/config (on Windows: C:\Users\<username>\.ssh\config) and copy the snippet below, replacing $USERNAME appropriately.

Host *
  AddKeysToAgent yes
  CanonicalizeHostname yes

Host ikim
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_ikim
  ForwardAgent yes

Host g?-? c? c?? c??? shellhost
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_ikim
  ProxyJump ikim
  ForwardAgent yes

Test your SSH login

Try the example below to test that your SSH client is properly configured:

ssh ikim

If it succeeds, type exit to log out. The ikim host must be used only for ssh authentication and not for computational work; in fact, users should not log into it directly. Using the provided configuration file, ssh will automatically "jump through" the ikim host to reach the compute nodes.

If the login test fails, please run the command below and send the output to your project coordinator for help.

ssh -v ikim